Architecture is a social act and
the material theater of human activity.
Spiro Kostof

Building bridges
Mikas Architecture is an independent Dutch company, established in 1996. It supports and assists Spanish enterprises active in construction, architecture and design with their export policies and activities in the Benelux countries and in central and northern Europe. Mikas Architecture has an extensive international network of established partners.

Our company provides an important link between Spain and the Netherlands. Mikas architecture bridges cultural differences and provides clarity on various areas of construction and architecture.

What's more, the best way of entering the central and northern European markets is through the front door: the Netherlands! Thanks to its geographical location, and extensive knowledge and experience in international trade available in the Netherlands, it offers direct and easy access to other markets within Europe.

Our work is also our mission: we want to contribute to the unification of Europe; we want to play a role in achieving more cooperation and better understanding within Europe. Building bridges between Noth and South.



Since 1996 Mikas Architecture has represented a number of Spanish producers active in the construction industry in central and northern Europe. The largest and most important of these is Prodema s.a. in Legorreta, (Basque Country) Spain. This company produces, among other things, sheet material for wall cladding and interior spaces. This sheet material has beeen used in prestigious projects all over the world.

We do, however, also work for other producers, who are mainly concerned with producing SPanish architectural products and solutions, either on a regular basis or per-project basis. Companies we recently worked for include Cerámicas Casao in Zaragoza an Level-Box in Barcelona.

The services we provide to our clients mainly consist of acquisition and extensive support through our network of agents in central and northern Europe. This includes giving technical support and after sales services, organising meetings and fairs as well as providing assistance in relation to certification, product development and legal issues.

Mikas architecture advises Spanish companies working in the construction industry that want to operate in the Benelux and in central and northern European markets.

The focus of our advice is on finding, selecting and guiding new agents in the various countries as well as on providing guidance on construction processes involving the cooperation of multiple parties from different countries.

Our support has resulted in a solid network of established partners in fourteen countries with whom we work very closely.

Our current operating areas include:

  • The Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg
  • Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Iceland
  • Switserland, Austria and Hungary

Our established partners are:

  • Canvas AS (Oslo, Norway)
  • Gustafs Scandinavia AB (Gustafs, Sweden)
  • Mogens Rasmussen A/S (Middelfart, Denmark)
  • Isowall AG (Safenwil, Switzerland)
  • Wiss Technik S.R.L. (Bucharest, Romania)
  • KL inzeniring (Domzale. Slovenia)

Our work is to mediate between two cultures in the construction industry. Translation is also a form of mediation between two cultures. Translation is also part of our job, but at the same time it is a discipline in its own right. We also specialise in the discipline of translating.

Mikas arquitectura, a different branch of Mikas bv, can provide sector-specific translations Dutch-Spanish. We can translate all your architectural documents and texts, such as brochures, technical reports, building specifications, processing instructions, certifications, correspondence and websites from Dutch into Spanish and vice versa.

If required, we can also provide certified translations. These include the necessary formalities for the legalsation and/or endorsement (apostille).

Mikas bv was established in 1996 by Karen-Elisenda Sanz. Karen is a civil engineering graduate of the Technical University of Barcelona. In addition, she holds a degree in translation (Spanish/Dutch) from Hogeschool West-Nederland, The Hague, the Netherlands. Karen is a certified translator Spanish-Dutch and vice versa. Dutch and Spanish ar both her mother tongues. Karen has over 20 years' experience in translating predominantly architectural texts, thanks to the unique combination of her being a civil engineer and a technical translator.

Karen is registered as a certified translator of Spanish with the District Court of Breda and with the Dutch Register for Interpreters and Translators. She is also member of the NGTV (the Dutch professional organisation of Interpreters and Translators).

New cooperation
We are pleased  to introduce our new partner Mogens Rasmussen A/S (, Prodema's new agent in Denmark. We give them a warm welcome to our team! We are convinced that we have found the right partner for the Danish market.
Good prospects for the next year in this country and already some projects in the pipeline!

New Spanish product
New Spanish products and challenges are presenting themselves. For example Birksen (, exclusive floor coverings for outside application. The essence of wood without maintenance.



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